Kuber Pot Gold

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Dimensions: 7.50cm X 8.75cm (LxW)

Handmade with Love

A perfect gift for any New beginning - New Business, New Enterprise, New Chapter in Life. This box with Kuber footprints is symbol of welath and prosperity. Made from quality glass with a designer shape, this box is quaintly decorated with a gold-plated metal that is embellished on lid, neckline and base of the box. This fragile yet auspicious box is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. This beautiful return-gift will be graciously accepted on any auspicious occasions. There could be a variation in design, weight, dimensions and color as all products are handmade. Speciality:- Versatile Kuber Box made of Crystal comes in assorted colors Gold-plated metal cover and designer neck gives a royal look Handmade by the craftsmen of Muradabad in Uttar Pradesh. Usability: If you are a businessman / businesswoman, worshipping Kuber can enhance your luck in business! Enhance the décor value of the house, office, hotel, etc. Great for gifting during weddings, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies, new venture, etc. About Kuber ( God of Riches and Wealth):- Kuber (also called Kubera or Kuvera), the lord of riches and treasures, is a demi-god in Hinduism. Kuber does not occupy a very conspicuous position in Hindu mythology except for his frequent mentions in the epic Ramayana as the God of gold and wealth. Kuber is said to be the owner of the worldly treasures. Lord Kubera is also known as the god of yakshas (savage beings). Kubera is always remembered with the goddess of fortune, Lakshmi. Chanting of Kuber Mantra blesses the worshipper with money and prosperity by drawing new avenues and sources of income and wealth. Mantra of Kubera helps to increase the flow of funds and the ability to accumulate wealth.

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