Minakari Silver Box Large 5X7

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Dimensions: 17.50cm X 12.50cm X 6.25cm (LxWxH)

Handmade with Love

"Extravagant" is the word. This beautifully crafted jewelry box gives you a feel of the way jewelry was kept by queens and princesses in India. It is hand made in meenakari design with a white base to give its own unique value.The box is made of wood and covered with white metal sheet to protect it and give a shining look. This jewelery box festooned with royal Meenakari art has a gleamed colorful palate which makes it ideal for feminine gifting. Specialty: Has a wooden base White Metal Sheet Gorgeous Traditional designs Embellished with fabulous Meenakari art work Strong and durable Bright and vibrant colors Handmade by rural artisans of Western India. Usability: Can keep all your jewellery lying outside Also used to keep Dry Fruit,Chocolates and Sweets. Best gift for women Can be gifted on birthdays, anniversaries, kitty parties, weddings and other occasions Also used for wedding favors in Indian weddings About Meenakari :- Meenakari is a popular art of embellishing the metal surfaces with beautiful colors that enhance the overall look of the design. This art form was highly acknowledged by both the Mughals as well as the Hindus of Rajasthan who really liked the touch of Meenakari in jewelry and other precious items. During the olden times, Gold was the most popular metal used for Meenakari as it blended well and looked pretty as well. Later on silver also became a popular metal and mostly used in preparing bowls, art pieces and other stuff. A third metal which became popular was copper . Thus more metals were introduced to continue with the decorative work. During the early times, Meenakari was not so popular among the people because it was more common in Kundan jewelries but later on it gained a lot of popularity with people looking some unique designs and also extended to different bases to make it economical. Meenakari Handicraft is a unique kind of art that requires expertise and only done in Rajasthan, Gujrat as well as northern parts of India. Enameling a metal is known as Meenakari and only experienced artists can do it. The Mughals also brought experienced meenakars from Lahore and made Jaipur as one of the centers for the meenakari art.

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