About Us

So, who are we?  We are a group of young graduates and post graduates working together on a mission -Craftwala.

What is Craftwala ??? 

Craftwala - Radical concept in Handicraft Industry

Craftwala is a mission to thrust new life to Indian Handicrafts by teaming up with artists and craftsman to design and manufacture innovative high-quality handmade products, gift items along with traditional Indian handicrafts. It’s our conscious effort to bring out to the world the latent talent in the Indian handicraft industry and to pay tribute to the age old Indian tradition while maintaining the fragility of offering the products at fair prices.


We firmly believe that our Craftsmen and Handicrafts have much more to offer. The traditional handicraft industry is controlled by numerous middlemen who have inadequate market knowledge; problems that arise from this are plenty: lack of product standardization, articles not based on tastes and preferences of consumers and most important erratic and inconsistent pricing - in such situation customer feels cheated and exploited.  So here thrives an industry with gloomy state of affairs where neither producer nor consumer is delighted at the end of transaction.  Maybe you already knew about all these issues with industry, but you bought from these products anyway because, until now, there was no alternative… Trust us... It will not be same now...

What Craftwala aims to do?

We want to inform both artists (about market trends, change in taste, customer delight) and customers on various aspects of handmade products so that at the end of sale, value and happiness is created for all participants. Of course, we don’t want to just point out the issue, without giving a solution!  The brand Craftwala.in – stands for innovation, design, quality and above all value while doing away with any unnecessary inconsistent substandard products pushed on to you, the consumer.

www.Craftwala.in -   Effortless shopping

Our website is simple, clean and easy to use. Craftwala.in is all about art, artists and customer. No much fuss, neither big banners nor those heavy discount because we promise our selling price itself is much lesser than heavy discounts on offer. So when you are at Craftwala.in, forget about price and just enjoy art-creativity.